Water Testing 2021

Water-testing-of-the estuary

Water Testing 2021

Water Testing of the estuary was conducted on Friday 5th March 2021. The team from the Department of Water and Friends of Moore River Estuary tested the 5 sites as usual – the river mouth, Silver Creek, Diamond Island, Woodridge and up the narrows.

Recent rain and a very full estuary made for interesting readings in the upper reaches. At Guilderton we had 45mm of rain in early Feb and another 35mm in early March and the estuary water is nice and clear. Estuary temperature is 24 degrees, lovely for swimming!

The sandbar remains thick due to the summer wind and wave interactions. It needs to stay solid until nature causes a mighty flush when it breaks, clearing out any summer build up of debris.

We saw 5 swans up river too.

Linda Johnson