Guilderton Library

The Guilderton Community Library opened on the 6th July 2006 as a community initiative with the building being provided by the Shire. In 2009 and 2013 extensions were carried out and all costs were covered by donations from various manufacturers with the labour donated by volunteers. The Shire waivered the Building Permit Costs.

The library is run entirely by volunteers who are rostered to operate the facility which is open on Saturday mornings, between 9.30 am and 11.30 am. The Guilderton Library is not affiliated with the State Library Board. Funds are raised by regular bookstalls over holiday periods.

The Library Sub-committee applied for and received a number of grants over the years, which have included a Lotterywest grant in 2011 for the purchase of a computer and printer, a second Lotterywest grant in 2013 for the purchase of 3 book trolleys, and a Bendigo Bank Grant in 2013 for the installation of an air conditioner. The Guilderton Community Library thanks the Gingin Shire for the acceptance of our Gingin Community Grants 2019 Mid-Year Funding Scheme application for a small grant. This grant has been used to purchase a moveable bookshelf that matches existing shelving in a large section of novels. Our sincere thanks

The beautiful mural that is displayed on the front of the building was made available by Moore Arts. The garden area around the library was undertaken by the community and is maintained by the Gingin Shire.

A number of guest authors have given talks over the years, including Faye Bohling, Linda J Bettenay, Colin Falconer, Liz Byrski, Barry Heard, Sue Gorringe, Dulcie Lampard, Barbara Yates Rothwell and Rachel Johns.

The library operates on a professional library recording system which keeps track of loans and returns, stocktakes and other useful information.