Minister Day’s Press Release

“DEVELOPMENT WILL PROCEED” says Minister Day in Press Statement 09.06.2009

Government recognises zoning for Moore River development

Portfolio: Planning

Planning Minister John Day today confirmed the Liberal-National Government’s endorsement of a future development south of the Moore River near Guilderton.

Minister Day said the State Government would acknowledge the existing urban development zoning that had been in place since 1995.

“The Government’s approach is to recognise the zoning but significantly reduce the scale of development and make better arrangements for river and coastal setbacks,” he said. “Plans for the area approved in 2000 allowed for a population of about 15,000 people. This will be scaled back to a potential population of about 6,000 people in 2,000 dwellings. Over time this will allow the township of Guilderton and the surrounding rural estates to grow to a size that attracts a primary school, and shopping and community facilities. The development south of Moore River will result in a more sustainable future and better services for the surrounding communities.”

The Minister said he had listened to community groups opposed to the development, and had scaled back the size of the proposal by 60 per cent in order to reach a compromise. “Scaling back the size of the development will address environmental concerns while treating the landowners fairly, because their land has been zoned for urban development since 1995,” he said. Development of the area will occur in accordance with all the environmental controls available to Government.”

Minister Day said the State Government’s decision would also allow the Shire of Gingin to update its local planning scheme and strategy, which have been in limbo since 2006.   “The hold-ups with Shire of Gingin Town Planning Scheme No. 9 have created uncertainty and confusion for developers throughout the shire,” he said. This decision will allow future growth and investment throughout the district to proceed.

The Minister said that the Shire of Gingin and the Department for Planning and Infrastructure would work closely with the land owner to progress a revised outline development plan for the site. “The revised plan will then be publicly advertised through the shire’s planning processes,” he said.

“The community will have a chance to comment on the revised plans for the land south of the Moore River, but the issue of whether the land should be developed or not is no longer open to debate – the Government supports development in this area.”

Minister’s office – 9213 6600

FOMRE Footnote:

  1. It is correct that the Minister sent his Chief of Staff to Guilderton to ask GCA and FOMRE’s opinions, but only on the question as to whether they were in favour of having Plunkett’s stalled court case against the SAT brought on. They were not asked at all about whether they were in favour of the development proceeding. In that sense the Minister’s statement that “he had listened to community groups” is misleading.
  2. It is FOMRE’s view that some of the Minister’s comments are based on advice since shown to be myths – see “Busting the Myths” in the Proposed Development pages.