Moore Arts’ Photography Workshop 16/17 March 2019

Moore Arts' photography workshop

Moore Arts’ Photography Workshop 16/17 March 2019

Moore Arts’ photography workshop on 16/17 March at the Guilderton Country Club was hailed a resounding success by all who attended and even those who didn’t. Topics included a pre-flight checklist for our camera, riverscapes, mastering our mobile, and then high-speed splash and silhouette photography.

Spectacular Silhouettes

“You want what?” asked Caitlyn. “Leap above the waves into the sunset” enthused Dale. Caitlyn’s leap echoed with sixty shutter clicks. If we learnt one thing from our weekend workshop with Dale Neill it was expect the unexpected.

Dale said Moore River is one of the best locations for learning photography with an idyllic river, a wild ocean, shady walks and high vantage points.

Throughout the weekend workshops we gained new knowledge and confidence and were inspired to try innovative techniques. We were pushed outside our comfort zones on many occasions. Many of us had never before exploited the capabilities of our cameras or mobile phones.

All weekend we enjoyed excellent catering by Deb and the team, including all meals and a picnic at the river. The shepherd’s lamb ragout was reminiscent of French cassoulet with tender pulled lamb in a delicious sauce covered with creamy mashed potatoes garnished with crispy curly bread sticks. Newly appointed chef Deb Quartermaine is enthusiastic about encouraging interaction between the club and the arts community. She is very keen to have art and photography within the club.

Anne Gilkes
Moore Arts