25th Easter Arts Exhibition

Moore Arts

25th Easter Arts Exhibition

Moore Arts celebrated its’ 25th Easter Arts Exhibition this year. An invitation only opening of the annual Easter Art Exhibition was held on Good Friday and a large variety of artwork was displayed.  Rob West played to a group of 80 people and Simon Gilby opened the exhibition. Simon commended the artwork which demonstrated the talent of local artists and in many cases reflected the natural environment of Moore River.

The Opening night was a very successful social event that connected old and new. Many people met friends they had not seen in a long time. The event emphasised how art in Moore River has connected people and developed with a lot of hard work over a long time. It was a happy evening, and very encouraging for new people, showing that art is well established here.


Moore Arts celrebrated 25 years

Delys Brady – a long time supporter of Moore Arts

A brief history of 25 Years of Moore Arts can be seen below:

25 Year's of Moore Arts

It is also now available at the Visitors’ Centre.

A big thank you to all involved.                                                                               Anne Gilkes