Linda J Bettenay, Guest Author 19 March 2016

Linda J Bettenay

Linda J Bettenay, Guest Author 19 March 2016

Linda J Bettenay – the Inspiration and Stories behind her latest Book

Local author and publisher, Linda Moore, who writes under her maiden name of Linda J Bettenay, was a star performer on the 19th March when she entertained some Guilderton locals on a stormy morning with an illustrated and passionate talk.

Bettenay’s topic found great resonance with this group of folk. Linda, who with husband Mike, owns and publishes the Roleystone Courier every month, says she blames her mum for her passionate interest in local historical characters and events.
‘Wishes for Starlight’ is her second novel and is based on real characters, with names being changed to protect the not-so-innocent. It’s the story of a young deaf-mute Aboriginal boy who grew up in a time when our indigenous fellow Australians were treated as though they were second-class citizens. Starlight’s story is full of intrigue, injustice, unlikely friendships and a degree of hope. The audience was also entranced by the unbelievable true story behind Linda’s first book ‘Secrets Mothers Keep’ which occurred in Wubin and Dalwallinu.

Linda revealed how her husband Mike only recently discovered that his grandfather had been murdered and grandmother, mother and two aunts had been savagely assaulted and so unearthed a carefully kept secret that had existed in the family for over 80 years. She also explained how she had researched the story, discovering strange links across the globe which assisted her to develop a complex set of extraordinary characters and bring this pioneering yarn to life.

Both books contain a lot more fact than fiction, which certainly give them an edge on mere fictional characters and events. They are an eye-opening look into some dubious practices in WA history.

Linda was accompanied by her husband, Mike, who is probably her greatest fan. Attendees eagerly purchased copies of both books, which were happily signed by the author.

‘I was impressed with the delightful welcome. Special thanks to Maddie and Julie of the Guilderton Library for looking after us, to the Guilderton Cafe for letting us shelter from the storm and to the locals for being so very welcoming. Sharing the joy behind my books is a fulfilling experience,’ Bettenay said.

Linda will be very happy to come back when her third novel, ‘The Apple Core Wars’ is published later this year.

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