Guilderton Community Planting Day June 2022


Guilderton Community Planting Day June 2022

Read all about the Comunity Planting Day in June 2022

Rain? WHAT RAIN ! 🤣🤣🤣 It could have waited but nooooooo!!! It absolutely bucketed down !!! But it didn’t deter the determined dozen of volunteers who kitted up and got planting 👍🤩

Nearly 700 native seedlings were planted on the Guilderton dunes including seedlings grown from seed picked by volunteers here a few years back..

well done crew.

Job well done.

Just 600 to go……

thanks to the State NRM Program for funding this project and to Linda for hosting us for lunch and @MooraCitrus for orange energy

Planting Video

Drone footage between lashing down rain !!! Huge thanks to determined-to-carry-on volunteers 🙂.