Clean Up Guilderton 2021


Clean Up Guilderton 2021

We did really well again with Clean Up Guilderton and are pleased to report less rubbish everywhere – only 1.5 skips full this year!

Again this year, Beldon Scouts camped in Silver Creek and cleaned up that end of the town and river; a team of Gingin Scouts went in boats up river to clean up the banks, while another team collected the litter along Guilderton Road into town. Then the Visitor Centre gave bags and directions to Gingin joeys and the community minded people who came to help. Another team came down the Seabird track in 4WDs to clean up so we covered a lot of ground.

We met at the Country Club for a sausage sizzle, drink and watermelon before taking our weary bodies home for a rest or a swim.

Fifty-oneĀ  people registered. Thanks to everyone involved and to our cooks, Phil and Edna, who fed us.

Linda Johnson