Attention all Guilderton rate payers!


Attention all Guilderton rate payers!

The Guilderton Community Association(GCA) looks after the interests  of all rate payers in Guilderton by closely perusing the Shire Minutes each month.  The GCA is holding the Shire of Gingin good to their promise that all income generated from paid parking fees on the foreshore is to be utilised to upgrade and maintain the assets and infrastructure on the Guilderton foreshore.  It has always been the understanding of the GCA that these funds should include the monies raised by fines imposed on the foreshore area.  It would appear the Shire are allocating to the Guilderton Reserve Fund the revenue from the parking meters less operational costs of the meters and not including parking fines.  The argument is set out in  the emails below.

Guilderton rate payers have been awaiting an upgrade of the Foreshore facilities for a long time.  It appears that a stop gap measure will be taken by the Shire in this year’s budget to conduct renovation works to the public toilets.  The upgrade of the foreshore facilities will take a further few years to plan and fund.  The GCA is not satisfied with this approach.

Please read below if you wish to follow the argument:

Email from GCA to Gingin Shire Response from CEO Gingin Shire Response to Gingin Shire CEO from GCA