A Regional Park between Two Rocks and the Moore River

River mouth

A Regional Park between Two Rocks and the Moore River

FOMRE has put in a submission to the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions for the creation of a regional park at the northern limits of Perth City to be considered in the Western Australian Government’s Plan for our Parks Program.  The proposed new park would encompass consolidation of the existing reserves, Unallocated Crown Land and a small parcel of currently undeveloped private land between Two Rocks and the south bank of Moore River.

As urban areas have expanded on the Swan Coastal Plain, a great deal of biodiversity has been lost. The unification of this area into a single park would have multiple benefits for protecting the remaining biodiversity as well as enhancing opportunities for nature-based cultural and recreational tourism. It could also create employment opportunities through the Indigenous Ranger Program.

The Moore River Estuary much loved by the thousands of visitors it hosts at weekends and holiday times has become an icon.  The proposed park presents an opportunity to safeguard this iconic treasure from future development sprawl with a north-of-the-city coastal version of Kings Park showcasing the rich biodiversity of the Swan Coastal Plain. The proximity to Perth of this visionary park would ensure valuable economic benefits through local and nature-based tourism and social and cultural benefits through the Yued sharing their connection to land, and would become an important nature sanctuary for future generations of Western Australians.

Friends of Moore River Estuary believes that the proposed park would be a very valuable addition to the Conservation Estate of WA and would meet the aims of the Plan for our Parks program.

FOMRE's Submission for a Regional Park