Calling Artists with an Interest in the Guilderton Region

Moore Arts

Calling Artists with an Interest in the Guilderton Region

Moore Arts will be holding the annual Easter Art Exhibition on Easter Saturday 11th April 2020 from 9 am to 2 pm in the Guilderton Hall.  The Guilderton Hall is part of the Country Club complex on Hall St, off Wedge Street, Guilderton. Exhibitors from previous years are welcome to exhibit again, first time exhibitors are also welcome.  The intention of the exhibition is to enable local artists and artists with a particular interest in Guilderton to sell their work.

Advice to Artists

We aim to promote local art. Our annual event is Easter Arts Saturday. Local Arts have been a focus of effort in this community for over twenty-five years. Over this time, we have exhibited works in the full range of categories – paintings, ceramics, woodwork, textiles and photography. The committee determined to have artists by invitation from Arts Committee members. The theme of work should be art of the area or from artists who live in the area, and the work will be generally considered as having artistic value. We seek to be different from art available at other outlets in the area, although we may choose an overlap where the works fit very well.

The system we outline below is designed to make it easier for all involved to make sure each person receives correct value for their efforts.

You should know that:

  • Commission of 10% is charged for artists who help with set-up and packing-up as well as stay for the day to promote their work to visitors.
  • A commission of 20% is charged where the artist cannot attend. *
  • Each piece of work is to have the artist’s initials or other identifying tag and price clearly marked on a sticker.
  • Artists are responsible for the safe packaging and transportation of their work.
  • A raffle is held at the event offering prizes of artwork donated by contributors.
  • Your email address or other contact will be needed.
  • While all reasonable care will be taken by the committee to ensure the security of the exhibition, insurance for loss or damage is the responsibility of the artist.

* Artists who do not wish to attend the exhibition must inform the coordinator of arrangements for the delivery of items for sale and collection of all unsold items.

The GCA arts committee will:

  1. Source people to collect and account for all monies.
  2. Promote the event through email, flyers, local papers and signage.
  3. Provide display shelves, hanging or other. (If you have a particular need, please check if it can be provided as soon as you possibly can.)
  4. Provide a page to each contributor showing his or her sales.
  5. Set up the exhibition with the intention to sell work by local artists.
  6. Permit artists who attend workshops held during the year to exhibit their work “not for sale” as a way to gain experience in presenting their work for exhibition and as an avenue to promote the workshops.


If you are interested in exhibiting, please complete the following form:

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