FOMRE 2021 Annual General Meeting 24th April 2021


FOMRE 2021 Annual General Meeting 24th April 2021

We invite you to join us at the Guilderton Community Hall at 10am on Saturday 24th April 2021 for the FOMRE 2021 Annual General Meeting.

Learn about what we are doing to protect the Moore River Estuary and elect the 2021 committee.

New members, current members and lapsed members are all welcome.

The Friends of Moore River Estuary are committed to maintaining a watching brief on the actions that impact on the ecological health of the estuary.

We support actions that promote the protection of the waterway. We continue to champion actions that raise awareness of the unsuitability of the urban development proposal at Moore River South.

FOMRE believes in a Moore River that exists as a free-flowing watercourse; subject only to the natural ebb and flow of the seasons, local spring flows and the regularity of the tides.

We ask that you continue with us. Remaining true to the protection of the estuary is a charge that belongs to us all.

Diana Papenfus, Secretary Friends of Moore River Estuary


2021 AGM Notice and Agenda