Clean Up Guilderton Sunday 28 February

Clean Up Guildertn Day

Clean Up Guilderton Sunday 28 February

Calling Volunteers to Clean Up Guilderton on Sunday 28th February 2021


Commencing at 8am and ending up at 12noon, when all helpers are invited to a sausage sizzle and a drink at the Country Club.

Scouts are coming from Beldon to camp in Silver Creek and will clean up the Silver Creek area. Scouts from Gingin are coming for the day and will go with the boats upriver to clean the banks.

Linda Buxton will be at the Guilderton Visitor Center for volunteers for the foreshore and beach.

Kerry will lead a road team from the Country Club and a 4WD team will come down the track from Seabird.

It’s a great effort so please encourage others to join in.

There is a sausage sizzle and drinks at the Country Club at 12 noon for all helpers.


Kerry and Ron will lead the road team and would love a couple more cars to meet them at the Country Club at 8am to help.

Phone Linda Johnson on 0414 631 273 if you can help.